The Division of Gastroenterology was founded in 1949 by Dr. Wade Volwiler who led the division for 31 years. We have had amazing leadership througout our history.

UW GI Leadership

Meet our Division Heads

GI Division Heads 1949-2021

Patient Care

Our patient care program includes several major components. Gastrointestinal pathology services assist patients and their physicians in the correct diagnosis of GI symptoms; therapeutic endoscopy provides patients with avenues for treatment of pre-cancerous bowel diseases; and our hepatology and liver transplant services provide clinical services for patients with hepatitis and other chronic liver diseases. Our faculty conduct research, perform and supervise clinical procedures, and see patients in five area teaching hospitals.

Offering Convenient Locations

Our clinics accommodate referrals directly from community physicians and through the UW Medicine Contact Center at 206.520.5000, which directs the referral to the facility best aligned to the patient’s immediate needs. Further, we aim to minimize patients’ travel time and sedation and will consolidate procedures as much as possible, depending on the nature of the procedures.