Fourth Year Fellows

baxi small

Anand Baxi, MD - Gastroenterology, Advanced Endoscopy Program 

Medical School: Emory University
Residency: University of Washington
Hobbies and Interests: Photography, traveling, chess, basketball, hiking, exploring new restaurants.

kim small

Nicole Kim, MD, MPH - Gastroenterology, NIH T32 Grant

Medical School: University of Washington
Residency: University of California, San Francisco
Hobbies and Interests: Swimming, baking, gardening.

Third Year Fellows

akpotaire small

Oviea Akpotaire, MD - Gastroenterology, Senior Fellow, Chief Fellow

Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern
Residency: University of Texas Southwestern
Hobbies and Interests: Crossfit, outdoor running, science fiction, cooking, and exploring new cities.


cleveland small

Erin Cleveland, MD - Gastroenterology, Transplant Hepatology

Medical School: Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California
Residency: Northwestern University
Hobbies and Interests: Hiking, international travel, running, climbing.


feld small

Lauren Feld, MD - Gastroenterology, Transplant Hepatology

Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Residency: University of Chicago
Hobbies and Interests: Academic interests are clinical medical ethics especially as it relates to disparities in care, as well as workforce gender equity. Hobbies include hiking, running, and skiing.


Second Year Fellows

alipour small

Omeed Alipour, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: University of Southern California
Residency: University of Southern California
Hobbies and Interests: My interests center around taking advantage of the outdoors. I am an avid snowboarder and enjoy time in the mountains. I enjoy hiking, camping, and running. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures when I have the opportunity. In my spare time I play the guitar and attend live shows. I also enjoy reading biographies, historical fiction, and non-fiction on a variety of topics.

chou small

Naomi Chou, MD  - Gastroenterology

Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine
Residency: Beth Israel Deaconess
Hobbies and Interests: I like to dance – both free-form with a partner and individually with choreography. I love to do zouk, salsa, fusion, swing, and hip hop. I rock climb, bike, hike, trail run, and swim to stay fit. I love to cook and host dinners to socialize. I also read novels on the Man Booker Prize long list, visit art galleries/museums/open studios, play piano and guitar, be a pen pal, and travel whenever I can.

dao small

Alexander Dao, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: SUNY Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Residency: Georgetown University Hospital
Hobbies and Interests: I have been able to maintain a very active lifestyle during residency, working out, running, playing tennis, and skiing. I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan having grown up in Upstate New York. When I get time off, I enjoy traveling the world, having recently been to Costa Rica and Southeast Asia.

decuir small

Nicole DeCuir, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Residency: Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian
Hobbies and Interests: Supporting local musicians, third-wave coffee, self-proclaimed foodie, jogging, photography.

moscoso small

Carlos Moscoso, MD, PhD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: University of Washington
Residency: University of Minnesota
Hobbies and Interests: Spending time with my wife and daughters, being outdoors, hiking, bird-watching, wildlife, nature, photography, medical and scientific research, meeting patients and learning about their lives, helping to heal ill patients, learning about a new illness that I am not too familiar with, teaching in a resident/intern/medical student team.



Sam Rosenfeld, MD, PhD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: University of Virginia
Residency: University of Washington
Hobbies and Interests: Athletics (soccer, running, basketball), cooking, outdoor activities (hiking, biking, snowboarding), gardening (herbs/vegetables), wine and wine production.

snider small

Erik Snider, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: Columbia University
Residency: University of Washington
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, cooking, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, playing guitar, singing.

First Year Fellows

Julianna Gardner, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
Residency: University of California – Los Angeles
Hobbies and Interests: Playing or watching rugby, reading mystery novels, trying out new board games (especially cooperative games), finding new ways to exercise or get outdoors, true crime documentaries/podcasts, re-learning Russian on Duolingo.


Liam Hilson, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Residency: LAC+USC Medical Center/Keck School of Medicine of USC Department of Medicine
Hobbies and Interests: Basketball - I played with co-residents as part of a medical basketball league in Honolulu, consisting of teams of physicians from various specialties, and a team from each John A. Burns School of Medicine class. The Class of 2018 team was the "Mitral Clippers." Hiking - Growing up in Hawaii, I've enjoyed hiking in some of the best tropical locations with my dog. In Los Angeles, I've enjoyed exploring new trails in a completely different landscape.

Muyi "Mu" Li, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine
Residency: Yale New Haven Hospital Traditional Internal Medicine
Hobbies and Interests: Running, hiking, photography, baking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and traveling.

Brittany "Birdie" Mitchell, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine
Residency: Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Hobbies and Interests: Violaist, ultrasound performance/interpretation, amateur mycologist, scuba diving enthusiast, Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy Speleological Society member.

Nathan Pham, MD - Gastroenterology

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Residency: Boston University Medical Center
Hobbies and Interests: Rock climbing indoors and outdoors, Duke Basketball and Golden State Warriors, cooking (handmade pasta, Vietnamese cuisine, pressure cooking), board games (Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders), video games (Final Fantasy series), and previous competitive hockey and badminton.