Clinical Associate Professor
Former Functional Food & Microbiome Lead, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Division of Gastroenterology

Faculty Information


Christopher Damman, M.D., is a board certified gastroenterologist at the Digestive Health Center at UW Medical Center and a UW associate professor of Gastroenterology and Medicine.

Dr. Damman feels that healing is as much listening compassionately and creating an environment of trust and understanding as it is gathering the facts and treating the illness. He has a particular interest in the microbiome & functional foods, and he explores these themes as Editor-In-Chief at Gut Bites MD (Link https://gutbites.org/).

Dr. Damman earned his M.D. from Columbia. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. His research interests involve understanding the role of endogenous gastrointestinal organisms (the microbiota) in health and disease.

Board Certifications:

  • Gastroenterology, 2015, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine, 2009, American Board of Internal Medicine
Education & Training: 
Fellowship in Gastroenterology
University of Washington
Teaching Appointment in Cardiology
University of Washington
Residency in Internal Medicine
University of Washington
Internship in Internal Medicine
University of Washington
Medical Education
Columbia University
Wesleyan Univeristy
Research & Clinical Interests
Clinical Interests: 
  • Gastroenterology (Digestive)

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