Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship

The Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship at the University of Washington has been providing training in advanced endoscopy since 1997. We aim to prepare successful UW Gastroenterology Fellows who are interested in further training in endoscopy for more complex cases and procedures.

The University of Washington Division of Gastroenterology offers a one-year non-ACGME Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship with extensive training in therapeutic endoscopy. The advanced endoscopy fellow has the exciting opportunity to train at the University of Washington Medical Center. UWMC has a robust Liver Transplant Program that also includes living donor transplants. UWMC is also affiliated with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, which is top ten in the nation for cancer centers, and which affords the opportunity to manage complex cases. 


The overall goal of this fellowship is to provide clinical experience in patients with complex gastroenterological disorders that require advanced therapeutic endoscopy procedures for diagnosis and management.   

The mission of the University of Washington Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship Program is to educate trainees to become: 

  1. Compassionate physicians with the necessary cognitive, technical, and interpersonal skills to provide outstanding care to patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases requiring advanced therapeutic endoscopic procedures.
  2. Engaging teachers with the ability and enthusiasm to educate future trainees and colleagues in the cognitive and technical skills necessary to perform advanced therapeutic procedures.
  3. Inquisitive and dedicated clinicians with the skills to advance the underlying scholarly basis of advanced therapeutic endoscopy.

Training Sites and Core Faculty 


University of Washington Medical Center - Montlake




Adam Templeton, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
GI Section Chief, UW Medicine Montlake

Baxi-AnandAnand Baxi, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (as of 10/1/2022)

SaundersMichael Saunders, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine

SinglaAnand Singla, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine


Harborview Medical Center 

Harborview Medical Center



Bryan Balmadrid, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Clinical Chief, Harborview Medical Center GI
Director, Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship


Yutaka Tomizawa, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine