UWGI Intranet

Info for UWGI faculty and staff, including research/grant resources, helpful UW links, and much more. **Please be patient, as the SharePoint page may load slowly**

Outlook Web Access

Access to your UW email from anywhere.


Access to your time records, pay info, etc.


Acesss to UW resources, academic calendar, your UW accounts, etc.

UW Directory

Find colleagues by name, email, department, box number or phone.

IS Help

Computer IT support including Zoom training, Remote Desktop help, Data Protection Program, and much more.

Bias Reporting Tool

The UW Medicine Bias Reporting Tool may be used to formally report incidents of microaggressions, demonstrations of negative biases, expressions of racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or other discriminating beliefs and behaviors, which may adversely impact the learning, teaching, working or healing experiences of others. 

Wellness Resources

We care about the health of our trainees and UW employees. Learn about the wellness resources available at UW and within the Seattle community.

AID/DoM Research Collaboratory (ARC)

ARC can assist in accessing the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and offer advice on data sources, study design, clinical phenotyping and analytic methods.

Health Systems Collective Data Asset Offerings

The Health Systems Collective is an initiative aimed at supporting people & groups in DOM interested in improving health through systems of care. This includes access to data assets that can be used to answer important care delivery and systems questions. 

UWGI Sharepoint

Access to GI Directory, Outpost (DoM Network), UWNetID (UW Network), AMC (UW Medicine Network). For Sharepoint login instructions, click here.