Therapeutic Endoscopy ESD / Luminal Resection Program 

UW Medicine Therapeutic Endoscopy Program

Yutaka Tomizawa, MD MS offers comprehensive luminal tissue resection for patients with pre-cancer and early cancer in the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach and colon), by performing Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD)

Yutaka Tomizawa
Yutaka Tomizawa, MD, MS
"ESD was originally developed in my home country of Japan in 1990s for treating early gastric cancer, and was subsequently adopted in the other part of digestive tract lesions in the esophagus and colon. If the indication is appropriately selected, ESD provides minimally invasive removal of pre-cancer and early cancers in the digestive tract and potentially avoids extensive surgeries.


"I completed formal digestive endoscopy training in Japan before moving to the U.S., with a focus on the endoscopic management of early gastrointestinal cancer. While in Japan, I had the privilege of working with some of the world leading expertise in advanced endoscopy and having trained with ESD.

"ESD expertise is still very limited in the Unites States and I am one of a few gastroenterologists in the West Coast who provides ESD."

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Appointment & Referrals for ESD

  • All referrals for consideration of ESD should be directed to Yutaka Tomizawa, MD.

  • Please specify the purpose of referral (ESD) and the referring provider (Yutaka Tomizawa).

  • Send referral to Fax number 206-744-6095 and include ATTN: Dr. Tomizawa and Toni Garcia (ESD scheduling coordinator). 

  • If any questions arise regarding a referral, please contact us at 206-744-3419, option 1.

Upon referral receipt, each referral will be reviewed by Dr. Yutaka Tomizawa, and the appropriate triage will be made. The patient is usually first scheduled for a clinic visit to discuss the procedure. If necessary, we will perform additional endoscopic test(s) to ensure that we make the best treatment decisions together.

If a provider who would like to discuss their referral, please contact our scheduling coordinator at 206-744-3419. An inquiry will be directed to Dr.Tomizawa.